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We offer fast, reliable cell phone & car radio unlocking services. Is your phone locked to one operator ?

Have you forgotten car radio code? We will help you to unlock them from the comfort of your home within few minutes. As far as you can see, our prices are exceptionally compatible and able to beat any competitors’ prices. We provide full support for all our products & services.

Please, spare some time to explore our site & don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

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What is remote phone unlocking?

Most of the mobile phone companies will lock their phones to their network to prevent you from using another network services. Basically, they want to retain your business. Actually, the remote phone unlocking is a way to release the Network lock from the comfort off your own home. Remote unlocking can be done by either ordering an unlock code which is calculated from your unique IMEI number or by downloading unlocking software to unlock your handset directly. The method of unlocking your phone depends on the Make and Model of your cell phone.
WARNING: The Operator Code or Network Code has nothing in common neither with PUK (code of locking the SIM card after PIN is entered incorrectly for 3 times) nor with the Security Code (code of locking the handset which protects it from using by the third person).

Is unlocking illegal?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It is a common misconception, that unlocking your phone is illegal. Unlocking your phone is PERFECTLY legal but unblocking a phone that has been reported lost or stolen is illegal.

What do I need to unlock my cell phone remotely?

To order your unlock code we will need certain information (IMEI number, cell phone model & the current service provider – the Network that the phone is currently locked to). Unlocking of some cell phones does not necessarily request Service Provider Code. ). To unlock your phone via unlocking software, you will need a data Cable to connect your phone to your PC in-order to allow the software to unlock your handset. In most cases the cable that is supplied with the phone will match, but for certain phones you may need an unlocking cable. We have a full range of data cables including unlocking cables in the accessories section.

How do I check to see if my phone is locked?

The simplest way to check whether your cell phone’s blocked or not is to insert other Network SIM Card and see if the phone will accept it. If it is blocked you will see different kind of error messages. Text of the message depends on your cell phone producer. Here are some examples:
Nokia: "Enter restriction code" or "SIM card rejected"
Motorola: "Enter special code" or "Enter Subsidy code"
Ericsson: "Enter Correct SIM"
Sony Ericsson: "Incorrect SIM"
Samsung: "Invalid Network SIM...Enter Code"
Panasonic: "Invalid SIM"
Siemens: "Phone disabled! NETWORK LOCK"
Sharp:  "Invalid Network SIM"
But if you don’t have another Network SIM Card, there is less scientific method you can use to check whether your handset is blocked. Simply take a look if you can see the logotype of your Network on the cell phone. For instance, in the United Kingdom “Orange” always lock their handsets and mark their phones with their own Orange logo either on the front or the back of the handset.

How do I find out what the IMEI number for my phone?

Enter *#06# and your IMEI/Serial Number will be displayed on the cell phone. Alternatively you can remove the battery from your phone there will be a label in the battery compartment which will show you your IMEI/Serial Number. The IMEI number is a 15 digit number that uniquely identifies your mobile phone from others (on certain models there is 16 or 17 digit IMEI number but only first 15 digits are significant).
IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identifier.

How will I receive the unlocking Code or Software?

You will receive either an email with the Code and description of “How to enter” method or download link and Credit (username/password) to use the software within 5 - 10 seconds after the payment. Please allow a few minutes delay depending on the speed of your Mail Service Provider.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept ALL Credit and Debit cards via Allpay and Paypal.
You don’t necessarily need to have Allpay or Paypal account in order to make a payment. Allpay and Paypal are able to process all international credit and debit cards.

I have placed an order but have not received the Code, the Credit or link to download the Unlocking software?

Free email accounts (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) may treat the automated email from us as Spam mail. Please check your spam filter and/or email quarantine folders. Please allow a few minutes delay depending on the speed of your Mail Service Provider.

Unable to download the software - Error "Permission to download denied. Incorrect hash value"

Please forward the email to us and we will re-generate another link to download the unlocking software
Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your PC. The download also contains drivers (if required).
IMPORTANT: Norton can wrongly detect this as a bloodworm virus because the server client is an *EXE that connects to the online unlock server via Internet in order to unlock your phone. Please shutdown any Anti-virus software and firewalls while carrying out the unlock process or else communications will be blocked.

FORD Serial Number Location?

  • Remove stereo from car.
  • On the right hand side of the unit, locate the serial number label. This is normally red and white, and includes a barcode.
  • Note down the serial number beginning with C,L, M or 7 digits only.

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